Monday, September 7, 2009

What's for Dinner??

Almost everyday of my entire life, I get a phone call from a neighbor, friend, client, etc. asking me, "What's for Dinner"? People are always struggling with how to eat well and to feel good and not have to 'think' about it all the time. I personally have changed my diet and repented of all the bread and treats I was eating in the summer and have lost 9 lbs the last 3 weeks! I just might not have to change all the clothes in my closet to a bigger size. (currently, there are about 15 pairs of pants in there that don't fit!!) In any case, this is what we had for dinner last night and I eat something more or less similar every night...but would like to do a little more coaching in how to eat healthy as part of my blog. Also, I have been having great success with Nature's Sunshine weight loss can use the entire kit or just buy the parts you like or need. I think it mostly depends on your ability to discipline may need a lot of help or only enough to get you motivated. I can help you with that, if there are questions. This is a favorite salad and super easy. Almost everyday because the tomatoes and cucumbers are in abundance, I dice them and then add fresh basil out of the garden and a little olive oil or Italian dressing if you like. This time, I stuffed it in an avocado half and added a spout mix that is a favorite. I grow a mix called "pro vita mix" sprouts, you can buy them at Whole Foods or in bulk out of Hyrum, Utah and they are organic and super easy to grow and they taste awesome. They add lots of protein to a salad and are delightful.

Then we had fresh squash and beets for dinner, but I couldn't get the dumb photo to work, so couldn't show you. Also, somehow published a post without pushing the button earlier. Arghhh! Maybe I can't wait a week and a half to talk to Nedra! I make too many mistakes at this business of blogging!!

Fresh peaches were for dessert. Jared likes his with Agave (a natural sweetener from cactus plants) and whipping cream. I eat mine straight. Jared and his girlfriend, Kim went fishing Saturday night and caught lots of fresh trout, so we had that on the barbque and it was delicious. I'm not much of a meat eater, but he caught it for me, so I ate it and accepted the 'love' he was delivering! Enjoy and Live Well!

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  1. We call that squash "space ship squash" at our house. Sometimes that is all I make for dinner. That and some fresh stuff from the garden added. My kids love that squash. It has a great flavor. It will be sad when the first frost comes.