Sunday, February 5, 2012

Rae Annie was Right Again!

This is my friend Rae Ann on the right and she has been telling me for the longest time to make an apron out of a man's shirt from the Deseret Industries or Good Will...or even just to steal one of Mr. Live Well's. I FINALLY did it and it turned out super cute, if I do say so myself! Rae Ann will have a tutorial on her blog cutie pinwheel, so be sure and check it out!
I began with this orange and blue pinstripe and then cut it up and used the sleeves for ties and the pocket. I bought the cute orange trim to put on the edges and used some blue trim I already owned.
The large pocket is the cuff of one of the sleeves as you can tell.
The top pocket was left the same, except to glam it up some. This was a fun and easy project and you will literally start to sabotage your husband's favorite shirts so you can make them into an apron before he has a chance to miss them!