Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy, Busy Easter Weekend

We had so much fun this weekend! All the girls were able to come home for the weekend and we even got our grandbaby for Easter too. She woke Saturday morning to the Easter bunny bringing her a beautiful basket after she and Grandma searched the entire house looking to see if he'd left her something!

Then off we went to the local park to the community Easter Egg Hunt and it's unbelievable how long people work on putting these events together, because honestly it's over in about 5 minutes or less! The park was loaded with children divided up by age groups, but it's difficult for mothers who have more than one child and all different ages to divide the children up. So the children all get muddled together anyway and the older children can really scoop up the eggs quickly. Our own little chick gots lots of candy and even found an egg and was thrilled.

Greg, Jena and Maddox at the park following the big Hunt!

And they're off!!

Grandma, I simply do not have time to stop and get my picture taken when I'm hunting!

Following the Hunt, we went to the Open House of the fire station and they put on a wonderful event for the community. They parked two ladder trucks across the street and strung an American flag across the top and it was a beautiful site to walk under.

Caitlyn and I were kept busy following Maddox around and walking her dog Cash.

The fire station allowed the children to dress up in the fireman's boots and some of their clothes, etc. Jena and Madd had a blast hamming it up for the camera.

Maddox got to squirt the firehose, ride on the ladder truck and an abulance and even got a cookie. It was a fun day!

And finally, after an incredibly busy morning, Carissa got all dressed up and went to the Prom. I took her picture out by the cherry tree in bloom because her dress matched the blooms on the tree and she looked so beautiful. She had a wonderful time and went with a really fun group of other Seniors. Phew, I was glad to get some sleep on Saturday night!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Caitlyn's Senior Night Celebration

Caitlyn has played basketball for 4 years for SUU in Southern Utah. She has had a fantastic career, scoring well over a 1,000 points in her career. She was celebrated at the final home game and the family came to join in the fun! Mr. Live Well and Carissa and I had flown in from New York early to get to the game on time. A fantastic article was written about her in South Dakota the following week. To read it go to:

Jena was the fan of the game which thrilled her because for 4 years she's probably been the loudest fan of all...and never won before!! She wrote in the mirror #32 on her cheek to show support for her sister. The only trouble was because she wrote it in the mirror, it was backwards!
Cait's coach J.R. Payne is so wonderful to her and they have become good friends too. She is a remarkable woman who's been a good influence on our Caity.

Caitlyn's first coach at SUU was coach Hodson and she has stayed friends with his wife Sue following his passing away from Hodgkins disease after her first season. Sue is a beautiful woman and has hardly missed a home game in the 4 years Cait has played ball for SUU.