Thursday, September 24, 2009

I Have Some "Ta Da's"!!

In our group of friends that go away and quilt together, (nicknamed, "the ladies" by Ruth's daughter Aleena), whenever one of us finishes a project, we yell out that we have a 'Ta Da' and we all stop what we're doing and admire the others work. These are the Ta Da's that I did while I was gone this week on my trip. This apron was made from a pattern called the 'Lilly Apron' by Busy Bee Quilt Designs. I made it for a young girl in our church who had a wedding shower while I've been gone on my trip and I'll take it to her when I get home.

I made this little bag called 'Mimi's Bag' by Sorbe Girls Designs for a Christmas gift for a friend. It was pretty quick and easy and turned out a perfect size for carrying things back and forth to church or to use as a smaller diaper bag. There's a pocket inside for your cell phone and keys.
This is a very small, 17", table topper for my mom for her birthday. Shhh! I got the kit from Connecting Threads. It's great colors for her house and would look cute on a coffee table or under her dining room table as a centerpiece. I thought I'd make it again with other novelty fabrics, i.e. put a pumpkin in the center square for Fall and an ornament or something for Christmas. It was quick and easy and looks like I spent more time than I did. Great gift idea.

This quilt has been in the works for years. It's called Everyday Dishes and I have been stuck on it for quite some time. I decided after looking at it again (it's been in a bag on the shelf and hasn't been touched or seen), that I really don't like all the borders. So I'm going to change them before I begin to applique the flowers around the outside. I spent two entire days making circles and leaves for the border and haven't even made a dent in how many I need! This is going to require a couple of long winter days with a stack of good movies to finish!

Here's my pathetic little stack of two days effort!

This is Beth showing her Ta Da of Everyday Dishes. She got all the center of it put together. It's so beautiful. Of course, Nedra finished her's years ago. You'll have to ask her to show it to you on her blog because it is lovely and inspiring!


  1. It is so fun to quilt with you! As I look at all these projects, it brings back so many wonderful memories of picking out fabrics, and the times we get together to sew. I think I have been present for every one of these projects. Happy Happy.

  2. Holy Cow, you girls were busy. This is great stuff Judi. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. You have such great friends. Me too! I'm feeling better, yayyy. I really think it was the new medication. Chalk that one up to "allergic to"!

  3. Hello Judi
    Carlie connected me to your blog. It was fun to see "you". The quilts and such are stunning and just beautiful. It looks so fun.

  4. I need to find a hobbie I can do while watching movies. Maybe I will even do some of the humantarian projects I have.

  5. I have made the Everyday Best quilt. I took at class as Winter Quilt Retreat at Ruby's in this last February. Love the quilt now that it's done, but would never do it again. Love how it turned out. My daughter says it is going to hang in her room. We'll see.

  6. This is an amazing quilt design! It does look very complex! Beautiful when completed though! I plan to start a quilt blog very soon. Up to now I haven't quilted enough to warrant one, and had a painting blog (I also have a tile blog) but have stopped painting now for a while since my calendar is much too full. Quilting (especially when you try piecing by hand) is easier to "take along" :-)