Monday, September 7, 2009

More Girl Gang

There's some serious training I need to get to figure out how to get these photos on my blog and then to type about each one. I seem to be having some serious setbacks in my learning curve! After much effort, I have finally added these three photos! Seriously, don't panic as I'm going on a trip with Nedra in a week and a half and she'll be able to sit with me and coach me on what I'm doing wrong that I can't get these photos on here like I should the first time. Anyway, this beauty is Flora's quilt (one of our fearless leaders) and it is so wonderful. I'm inspired by it!

Janice is our other fearless leader at Girl Gang and she has such an amazing gift for color. I love it when she's working and can coach me. I frankly do everything Janice tells me to! This is her "Favorite Things" quilt from our class this year. It's another beauty!

This is a quilt by Sandy in our group and she does the most lovely things. She quilts for Buggy Barn and makes up some of her own designs and always has great stuff to share. I can't believe I'm so privileged that they let me in. As I stated before, I'm a complete 'wanna be'. I figured if I hang out with talented women it will rub off!


  1. I promise I will help you, and once you see how easy it all is, you will be a pro in no time. Call me if you need me before the 25th!

  2. Really fun stuff. Those are some really talented ladies to hang out with.