Sunday, August 23, 2009

Two of my all time favorite products are on sale! (I bought these for my 3 children who just went back to college. I make sure they’re healthy and it’s easy for them to succeed because everything they need is in a grab & go pack.) Go to and you'll need a sponsor. Use my name...Judith Sears or my number 933807-9 and they will give you my discount. Don't spend a mint at the health food store.
Super Nutrition, Super Easy Good health comes through nutrition; it’s what you put in your body that counts. With Super Trio, you can take good nutrition with you—in your purse, in your pocket, in the palm of your hand—wherever you go. Offering the basic nutrients your body needs for optimal function, Super Trio comes in 60 easy-to-carry cello-packs. Taken twice a day, it provides a full month’s supply of portable, powerful nutrition. Each pack contains one capsule each of Super Supplemental to support your daily vitamin and mineral needs, Super Omega-3 to satisfy your body’s vital need for essential fatty acids, and Super ORAC , an exclusive formulation found only in Super Trio that is packed with potent free radical quenching antioxidants.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of taking Joint Support. (I'm 50 and my joints in my thumbs hurt when I rotary cut or hand sew, unless I take joint support.) Because of our modern diet, we all have acidic blood…if you have acid in your joints, we call it arthritis, if you have it in your muscles, we call it fibromyalgia. Take care of that acid with daily Joint Support.

Benefits:• Provides nutrition to the joints and bones. Joint Support [Structural, Nervous] provides a host of nutrients beneficial to the structural system. Individual ingredients in this formula are traditionally used for the following: maintaining joint tissues, supporting the body during physical stress to joints, helping the body clear uric acid, promoting normal muscle health, supporting a balanced nervous system, promoting protein digestion, nourishing the nervous system and more.

I can't wait to share what I learn at my conference with you. Thanks again for all your kind comments. Live Well, Judi

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  1. A couple months ago I got some joint support and had an allergic reaction to it. Weird huh. I kept trying it once a week just in case that wasn't it, but it was. I don''t know what is in it that gave me a reaction since it has several products in it. OH well.