Thursday, August 13, 2009

Exposure to X-Ray/Radiation

I have a good friend who spent time in the hospital recently for pneumonia and had a series of x-rays. She has been working on her immune system ever since. I thought I'd share with you a great recipe to release x-ray exposure from the body. Buy kelp in bulk at a good health food store and dump 1 cup of it into a hot bath. Soak for 18 minutes once a week for a month. So whether you've had a mammogram, CAT scan, dental x-rays, traveled this summer and gone thru the airport or anything else...have a good soak and pull it out of your system. Be sure and sink down in the tub enough to cover your thyroid and include the back of your head if you've had dental x-rays. I also recommend some vitamin E with selenium. Here are some reported benefits...(one not listed is that it can help detoxify the body of x-ray exposure)

•Protects against free radicals.•Supports the circulatory and reproductive systems, as well as the liver.•Maintains normal-range blood viscosity.•Supports glandular health.•Promotes healthy-looking skin.•Helps maintain cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range. Vitamin E Complete with Selenium [Vital Nutrition, Circulatory] offers the cardio-protective and antioxidant benefits of vitamin E and the glandular and cellular benefits of the trace mineral selenium in a complete vitamin E formulation. This antioxidant formula may destroy free radicals before they can damage cells. Tocopherols and tocotrienols are two families of active compounds that we know as vitamin E. Many vitamin E products on the market contain only one or two of these compounds. This product contains all eight! The delta tocotrienol has been the subject of much research for maintaining cholesterol levels within the normal range and for supporting arterial health. Tocotrienols have also been studied for their support of the immune system. Each softgel provides 400 IU natural vitamin E (from soy), including 30 mg tocopherols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma) plus 5 mg mixed tocotrienols (alpha, beta, delta and gamma), and 25 mcg selenium in a base of annato/soybean oil.Adults: Take 1 softgel daily with a meal.

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I hope to share lots of fun things with you on how to Live Well. Whether it's thru yoga, quilting, laughing with your family, health and diet. Look forward to great recipes as I love to cook nutritious food and share it with others.


  1. Judi - This is great!!! I can't wait for more!!

  2. WElcome to blog land Judi. You have a strong voice. I'm excited for you to use to to help yourself and others. It is exciting to share on a regular basis with others. Yayyy Judi. good stuff.

  3. Judi..... And here I thought you only quilted ! Tell me about the Green Polka Dot place. In SL valley? I'll be reading your blog often, since I'm all for eating healthy.
    Bonnie Miles