Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Girl Gang

Laurie is one of the talented women in our Girl Gang group. I love her work and her creativity. Can you tell that one of her backgrounds behind the trees is newspaper print fabric? So cute.

I LOVE the background for the chicken and flowers.

This is not the 'real' beehives in our quilt pattern, but she made up her own and it is so darling.

Here's a close up.

Judy D. makes the most beautiful quilts and this is a Christmas one she shared. The tree that Janice is pointing to is amazing.

Vicky C. told us the most darling story about this quilt she is working on for Christmas. She has a charming personality and told us how she is working on all the applique borders at the same time because she doesn't want the fabric that isn't being worked with to feel bad! She said, "You know how when you open a box of crayons you have to color with every single one of the crayons, otherwise the ones you don't use will feel bad? Well, it's like that with fabric." It was so cute! I'd never thought of that before.
She also told the funniest story about her daughter buying her a camera for her birthday and was bringing it over to the house for her, but Vicky wasn't home, so her daughter hid the camera in the barbque and forgot to tell you guessed it...they heated the grill to make steaks for dinner the following night and the camera was cooked at 500 degrees and was a melted mess. Poor Vicky still doesn't have a camera. :( You must come to our quilt guild just to laugh!!


  1. Hi Judi,
    This comment looks like it's coming from Amy, but it's really me. I'm using her computer because my lap top screen went kaput. (I know you can empathise with me right now!)
    Your Girl Gang looks so fun. I loved the camera story!

  2. I am so glad to see the report and pictures! Home with the flu and pneumonia so had to give it a miss. AND I MISSED BREAD PUDDING! Thanks for the vicarious look.

  3. looks like you had a wonderful time at Girl Gang. I am sorry that I couldn't be at two places at once! I loved seeing the blocks and quilts. Thanks for sharing! The story is a classic. I will have to share that one!

  4. I've had similar things happen to me like Vicky - different but similar. Girl friends are the best, especially quilty ones.