Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas Quilts Hangin' Around My House

I wanted to share with you my Christmas Quilts I hang up at this time of year. This one was one I did years ago in a couple of days. It is meant to be used to sleep under the Christmas tree. The large pocket in the right hand corner is where a child would leave their list for Santa and an elf will come and get the list at night when they're asleep.
This one is another quickie that works well with a print you don't want to cut up into very small pieces. There's a close up photo below.

I've used this one to cover a small bench by the bay window because it's not a quilt I like very much. It was a ton of work without the rewards. I would never make this pattern again. Don't we all have quilt patterns we'd say that about?!
This is a small wall hanging that I did years ago with my quilting buddies and I hadn't ever done applique before. Of course, the applique is by machine and a buttonhole stitch. It was the first time I learned to put fabrics together and make up something without a lot of coaching. I'm sure Nedra coached me some, but I was rather proud of myself.
I bid on this quilt at the Provo Quilt Guild meeting and was the highest bidder about five or six years ago. It was done by some really wonderful quilters with amazing applique skills. It's one of my favorites. Sometimes I don't take it down the entire year.
About 10 years ago we went on a trip back east and got to spend some time in Pennsylvania and I bought this quilt from some wonderful Amish quilters. It's also a prize. I wanted to buy something that I knew I'd never make myself. I don't enjoy hand work very much.
I actually made this quilt twice because after I completed it, the darling girl that was dating one of my sons (I nicknamed her "Miss Lolly"), wanted to make one for her mother. The only catch was, she didn't know how to quilt, so I coached her on some of it and made much of it myself. I know her mother loved it.

I was in the process of hanging this quilt the other day and my 17 year old said, "Mom, this is the ugliest quilt you ever made". Sad! What I didn't tell her is that I loved this fabric and pattern so much that I became obsessed and made this quilt in a matter of a couple of days because I didn't even want to sleep. It's one of my favorites, but apparently that's only a matter of opinion. Live Well this Holiday Season!


  1. I think I was with you when you either purchased the fabric or made just about every one of these quilts. Brings back so many happy memories for me too, and I don't even live at your house!

  2. They are all so beautiful Judi, and look so pretty hanging in your lovely home. I hope you are having a great holiday season so far. Thinking about you~

  3. Thanks for sharing. Fun stuff. You have gotten yourself ready for the holidays girl.