Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Give Away!!

My new blogging buddy RaeAnn is having her first give away. She's off on a trip somewhere and we get to guess where! I don't know what the prize is, but I know RaeAnn and it's going to be a good one. She's gifted and talented and has great taste in fabric. I met her by accident in the parking lot of a quilt store once when I noticed she was wrestling with a couple of quilts and trying to get her car door shut and carry everything inside...so I offered to help. And we became instant friends. Go visit her blog and make a comment on where you think she is and you'll be entered in the drawing. http://cutiepinwheel.blogspot.com/

On another note entirely...I had a Nanette experience with my computer! It is 100% blown up. I have been on hold for hours and hours with Dell and am so unhappy with the entire process. I have a warranty and will still have to pay someone else to try and get into the hard drive and save my stuff before the entire thing has to be cleaned off. Anyway, I'm very grumpy about not having a computer and I have no idea how long it will take. I have a trip to take next week and can't believe I'm computerless! I am going to visit an Aunt who is 98 years old and hoped to get lots of genealogy put on my computer. Did I mention that I am very grumpy about this!!


  1. Thanks for the nice comments Judi. You're such a great friend! I am sorry to hear that about your computer. How awful! It must be that you are going to receive some very special stuff from your Aunt. In those cases we are always met with a little opposition. It will all work out! Keep smiling!:)

  2. Oh Judi I'm so sorry. I know several people too that this has happened to in the past week or so. It is awful. You need to heal that thing!

  3. I've lost everything on my computer one time and that's enough for me. We have a mac now and haven't had any problems since. I hope your problems are resolved quickly.