Thursday, October 1, 2009

Crisscross Quilt

This quilt is called "Crisscross" by American Jane Patterns, Sandy Klop, that I saw a couple of years ago in St. George at Lazy Daisy Cottage and LOVED it! I started putting it on a design wall and it seemed to take forever. Now that it's done, I have to say it was worth all the effort. This is a quilt that you cannot make without a design wall, because the block is not the center square that you think it is, but is half of 4 blocks. There's a close up below. When I talked to the girl that was waiting on me at Lazy Daisy, she said that she had made several mistakes on her blocks because she didn't use a design wall. I am happy to say that I was able to learn from her and didn't have to do the hours of picking out that she did.
This is the defined block. It's 1/2 of all 4 blocks and must match up with it's neighbor, so you have to be paying attention when you're making it.

I thought the border was really fun too. I used lots of 30's reproductions that I had from other quilts and it was a fun way to use up some of the stacks of fabric I have around here!


  1. Wow what an amazing quilt. It's very stunning. You did a great job!

  2. You did such a beautiful job on that quilt. I was happy that I was there through quite a bit of the process. Mine still sits about 3/4th way through on my closet shelf. This post reminds me I need to pull mine out and get working!

  3. I really like this quilt. I wish this was being taught at Bryce. I keep looking at it. But the close up looks scary hard.

  4. i absolutely LOVE this quilt
    I need to find the pattern and make this one
    your quilt is just beautiful.
    thanks for sharing it with us

  5. WOW! that is just beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful quilt. Thanks for providing the pattern name.