Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Your Birthday!!

I haven't done much blogging lately, but am repenting so that our son in Boston can see some of the fun we had this weekend celebrating Jena's birthday. We took her downtown to do some shopping and we were lucky enough to have our granddaughter for the weekend. Maddox was trying on some of the glasses and hats in the shoe store while she was waiting for the boring adults to figure out what they were going to buy. She's the cutest ever! (I only admit a tiny bit of bias :)!!
We went out to dinner in the evening and had a wonderful time. Jena, Greg and Maddox enjoying their chips and salsa at the restaurant.

Jena's sisters posing for the camera. Later you'll see photos of what they're really like!!

Jared wanting in on the fun!!

The Birthday girl and her daddy.

Maddox watching the gift opening perched in the best place to see the action.

Now you see what the girls are really like!! They wrestle and play constantly and it's about impossible to get them to sit still long enough to get a good photo of them. I always thought when they were younger that they would out grow this playfulness, but it hasn't happened yet. Our children have always been more like puppies than like people!

Happy birthday honey. I hope you had a wonderful day and you have an even better year!! Love, momma

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  1. I'm so happy you are going to post more often! I love seeing pictures of your family. A BIG Happy Birthday Jena from me and Kent. Love you guys!