Monday, August 2, 2010

Boys Version of a Quilt Retreat!

Every couple of years, Mr. Live Well and some of his brothers and nephews go on a 'boys trip'. They plan and pack and measure and weigh every single thing that is going in these packs for month after month! They read maps and talk and study and about drive the rest of us crazy with their 'anal-yzing'! (Just in case you don't believe me, I'll mention only one little tidbit...they saw their toothbrushes in half so they don't weigh as much!) This is the vehicle that held the precious packs.

Our oldest son adjusts his dads pack and gets the weight balanced. They spend oodles of money on packs, sleeping bags, boots, and freeze dried food.

This is the original crew and then they added the neighbors. Now that I think about it, it's not that different from a quilt retreat. Don't we spend all kinds of money on the perfect fabric, sewing machines, pack the car to the gills, gather as many friends as possible, etc. etc.? We just prefer to be a lot more comfortable!


  1. Cute blog! At least we put wheels on our packs though...I've yet to see a quilter silly enough to strap our cargo on our back like a pack mule! So, when the boys are away...???

  2. I sure hope you and Carissa have something wonderul planned while all the boys are away.
    Sawing the toothbrush's in half! Too funny.

  3. Yes a boys retreat..mmm quite mirrors of what take with me on my quilting retreats lol..
    Hi Judi...Rae Ann has spoken so much about you I feel like I know YOU>..I am a Registered I can identify with healthy living..good for YOU> follower too.. madame samm