Monday, November 2, 2009


Remember a few weeks ago I told you about Cutie Pinwheel having a giveaway on her blog?!...well I won!! I was as shocked as RaeAnn was. I feel so lucky! Here are the goods...and I had to hurry and photograph them for you because some of them are going to be used immediately and one of them it won't be here anymore to show you :)!! I got a pattern and some beautiful fabrics to start my Hawaiian quilt.

A darling coin purse and tape measure and the cutest thimble stuffed with fabric samples that is a lapel pin. Oh, so cute!! The coin purse is going immediately into my purse with my DoTerra oils in it so I don't have them floating around my purse where I can never find them!

There's a bookmark and a darling pin cushion and a yummy treat that isn't long for this world!

A darling doll for holding needles. I always lose my needles in a pin cushion and I'm excited to put her to good use. RaeAnn wrote me a fun note on this postcard and I thought it was so beautiful. When I was a girl, I was raised on Guam and used to visit Hawaii often and this post card brings back lots of sweet memories.

All was put in this darling basket which will be used often as it has a net that covers the contents and protect them from the flies or bugs in the air. How cute it that?!! I feel so lucky and was excited to show you all my goods. Thanks again RaeAnn!!


  1. It is like a tiny piece of vacation without the plane ride!;-)

  2. Your so welcome Judi! Happy that you loved the Hawaiian goodies. Let me see that quilt when you get it done!
    Rae Ann

  3. Congratulations on your win. What a wonderful lot of goodies-like Christmas come early!