Monday, November 23, 2009

Caution...Deer Crossing!

You can't tell by these photos, but we live in the city! There is a Walmart just down the block from our house. We have a little cluster of trees that are behind the house and these deer have moved in...they have also had babies all summer long. We now have a total of 11 that eat our grass, flowers, trees, bushes and even apples if we have a box on the back porch. They're fun to look at, but they murder our garden and dig up the bulbs. Further, I can't come in or out of the driveway without having to wait for the deer crossing.
Does this cute little face look guilty to you or is it just me?!

Kiss your plants goodbye.

This one has nestled into the compost pile of grass clippings and looks so comfy. She didn't move all day even when I went outside. She owns the place in case you're wondering.

Can you see why I can't store the fruit or vegetables on the porch? She's only about 5' from our back door.
Can you charge a deer rent?


  1. Wanna trade for scorpians and rats?

  2. Those deer are just so cute but oh the destruction. They certainly look like they are there to stay unfortunately.

  3. well, you could have coyotes that eat the cats and dogs in the neighborhood instead of the produce! Actually, deer are destructive but I think there are products that keep them out of the yard, things that repell them without hurting them..