Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing Room ReDo

I have wanted to re-do my sewing room for years now. Part of the problem of my coveting a new look to my room, is I am friends with Nedra of Cactus Needle fame and Rae Ann of Cutie Pinwheel. Have you ever seen their sewing rooms?! Over the top, neat as a pin and I am living in a pig stye! How much of a pig stye I didn't fully understand until I started to clean out the dump I was in. These are a few 'before' photos. I had already started to clean the room out so I could strip the wallpaper before I remembered that I should take some photos. You can see that I have these beautiful shelves that are stuffed to the gills.

Below is the room redone! I love it so much. I've already begun to sew a couple of aprons for Gwen at Aprons for Alzheimer's. One of the things I discovered about myself in this cleansing process, is that I have about 15 started and unfinished projects! My Dog Kennel group calls them P-I-G-S, "projects in grocery sacks". I'd never heard of that before, but I have plenty and could probably win some sort of award if I began to work on those and finish something. I think it needs to be my 2012 goal!
The design wall has a yellow frame that the nice boys at Home Depot made for me. I just haven't got the right tools to hang it yet, but it will add to the cuteness.
The torquoise wall is super charming and cheerful when you walk in. Rae Ann and I have been on a few shopping sprees at antique stores and those items are on the small shelf. She'll be happy to discover there's more shopping to do because there are empty spaces on the shelf I hung above the window.
I found this little rocker at someone's home for $50 and then I covered it with a quilt and a pillow from Ikea. It's really comfy and fun to have a place to sit in here. I've never had that before. Also, bought the little dresser on the left the same height as the legs that were on the cutting table and I replaced the legs with the dresser to hold lots of those PIGS we discussed earlier.
This is the view from my sewing table. I can watch old English movies and have a basket full of backs for quilts and a mirror for when I sew clothing and need to do fittings.
This is the shelves all cleaned up and cute storage containers. I have three shelves of Civil War prints...must slow down on those! Those wire drawers on the left hold all the fat quarters and are a bit messy, but my philosophy was I just needed Nedra or Rae Ann to stop by and in about an hour they'd be cute and organized. My daughter said I had to put curtains over the front of them because she thought there was altogether too much the bottom photo is the little curtains over that section. I'll see which way I like it best. Maybe I'd rather see the mess and get to the fabrics easier...we'll see. I love my cute sewing chair from JoAnn's on a half price sale. This room makes me smile from ear to ear!!


  1. Judi, you've done a wonderful job and it's just like you described over the phone! So happy and cheerful. Love the colors you have picked and the new chair looks so comfy. I wish I was there to sit next to you and sew.
    Miss you!

  2. This is an amazing re-do of your sewing room! It's absolutely charming! I know how much you must adore being in there now! We just recently moved to Tucson from Va. and I have yet to get into my new sewing room and even unpack! But I will get there! By the way, I think I added you to my blog list because you were recommended to me by my sister--Susan Murray. Your nutrition info was the main focus for her, I am sure (I need help! :-)) but I was thrilled to learn also that you are a fellow-quilter!

  3. Judi,
    I have been in Nedra's sewing room and the best thing is that it has her personality. I think yours is adorable cause I'll bet it looks just like YOU! So fun....

  4. It is great Judi. I love when my sewing room is clean and fresh. It really only completely happens once a year when I go through and dejunk. But I can't work in chaos. So having a fresh room like yours is the best inspiration. Nice job.

  5. Judi, you've done a wonderful job ,it is owesome...