Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ruby's Inn Quilt Retreat..Part One

I was privileged this year to attend Bonnie Miles quilt retreat at Ruby's Inn in Bryce Canyon, Utah this year. Bonnie has been putting this event on for years and it is a race to get in. She really knows how to put together a wonderful retreat! We started out our first get together with a little apron show and tell. You'll see some of the fun examples below...

This apron has a big pocket that buttons up and when you unbutton it, you have the full length apron.

This apron was modeled by one of Bonnie's granddaughters and its so cute on her. You can see that the front is the backside of a pair of jeans.

The next part of our meeting was taught by Flora our fearless leader at Girl Gang and she had some of her friends participate in a panel to teach us to give up our paranoia's about quilting and all our guilty complexes, etc.! It was delightful. Anything Flora does is lots of fun and she had us laughing and smiling about our silly little quilting phobias. Three members of the panel shared one of their favorite quilts with us. Super Duper talented women!

This is Paula's quilt from the panel. I started one of these about 12 years ago and it's still in a million pieces somewhere in my house!

Janice showed her Girl Gang quilt called My Favorite Things and each block represents an important story in her life. Janice is one of my quilting hereos. I want to grow up and be just like her!

This is Norma's quilt and it's a new pattern coming out. It's definately on my 'to do' list. Her color choices always inspire me.

Finally at 2:00 we separated for classes and I took a class taught by Sheri. Sheri is a wonderful appliquier and she taught us a class called Halloween 1902. It's a lovely quilt and was lots of fun to start on.

This is Paula's version of Halloween 1902. Just a little bit different colorway. Paula is also amazing with hand applique, but she decided to applique this one by machine. That gave me permission to do it too.

Sheri showed us a large flimsy of her basket quilt. I can't remember what she said about how many baskets there are in this one, but I'm pretty sure it was in the 200's! It's amazing. I sat next to her last year when she was just beginning this quilt.

Another one of Sheri's beauties.

Paula is teaching a class on this quilt tomorrow. I don't happen to be enrolled in it, but wanted to show you how cute these houses are. When her children get married, she makes one of these for their new home.


  1. It was fun spending time with you roomie. Great pictures.

  2. Hi Judi, It looks like your retreat was alot of fun, just like our's from American Quilting.
    I can't wait to see you again and sew, sew, sew.Love ya, Susann E.

  3. I missed that presentation. I was sewing in a class and wanted to get more done so I didn't attend. I wish I hadn't done that now! I didn't realize these ladies were presenting that day. Sheesh thats what I get.

  4. Looks like a wonderful time! Thanks for showing photos.