Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I needed it, I had to have it, I couldn't sleep without it!

The only thing I asked for Christmas from my children and parents was a gift certificate to Broadbent's, our local quilt store. I set out the other day to begin a new quilt for my bed as the one on there is threadbare. But while shopping for that fabric (I'll show you that on another post), I passed this fabric by Phillip Jacobs called Delphinium and my heart began to beat wildly in my chest! Oh, fellow addicted to fabric friends, tell me you know exactly what I'm swooning about! I saw this on the shelf and dreamed about it for 3 days in a row. I HAD to have a quilt made out of it. No it wasn't a WANT...it was a NEED. The best news of all was that I had plenty of money on my gift certificates to make two quilts.

This lovely pile will grow up to be "Pastel Italian Tiles" by Kaffe in his new book, "Quilt Romance". Who needs sleep when all this fun is waiting for them?
Here's what is done so far. It's still dark this morning to be taking this picture, so it doesn't look as beautiful as it does in 'real life', but you get the idea. I have fussy cut the centers and the quilt just pops right off the display wall.


  1. Oh my goodness I saw that fabric in a store last year and felt just the same way! I HAD to have it, no matter what! You are right, it is absolutely gorgeous. I haven't cut into it yet - can't decide what to do with it because of course it has to be the perfect project for that piece of loveliness!!

  2. Awesome Kaffe quilt, Judi!! I'm sure the photo doesn't do justice to the fabric.

  3. Trust me, the photo does not capture the true colors of that beautiful fabric. Seeing it on my design wall, even from far away, made such an impression! By the way, are you home safe yet?

  4. Its lovely. It is like a combination of Monet, stained glass and quilt. Awesome.